What is fetishism?

Surely on some occasion you have heard of fetishism, of a person who has a certain fetish such as a total attraction to feet. But is it rare or common? In the following guide we tell you everything you need to know.

Fetishism explained

Fetishism is a practice in which objects called fetishes are used to produce a certain sexual arousal. But it can be more than objects, encompassing certain physical characteristics or even activities.

In the so-called fetishism disorder, the person feels a desire and a great sexual arousal from an object or a certain part of the body.

Let’s say, there is something in particular that drives you crazy, that excites you and that you like very much. However, there are fetishes that are more on the agenda and are openly recognized and others that are considered strange and even dark.

How do I know if I have a fetish?

Having a fetish is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be completely normal. However, it may not be entirely clear to you whether or not you have a fetish.

Although it is true that the usual thing is to realize if you have fetishes or not, because you will know if something excites you or if it goes completely unnoticed. But you may also be turned on by something you don’t know is a fetish, such as a certain uniform like a sexy nurse’s.

It may also happen that you have heard of common fetishes and have not yet experienced certain acts or practices, which can cause you to doubt whether or not you have a fetish. In that case, you could experiment and see what happens.

The most typical examples of fetishes

When talking about fetishes, we find a wide range of examples such as sex toys, threesomes, uniforms, urophilia or body parts.

Although it is true that, when we talk about parts of the body, let’s say that some are more standardized than others. That is to say, it is within what is considered normal that a man can be excited by a woman’s breasts, but it is rarer that her feet drive him crazy. Despite everything, both are considered fetishes…

Another of the fetishes that you may like are latex objects. It is something that we tend to associate with BDSM, but it can be interesting without having to play sadomasochism games.

It can also be a fetish for two women to kiss or have a threesome. Let’s say that they are sexual practices that can motivate men a lot and that are considered fetishism.

On the other hand, there are also common fetishes that you may not know the name of but that may be more related to you than you think. For example, hair fetishism, trichophilia. Those who have it, feel great excitement from direct contact with their hair, the smell, the hairstyle…

Since it covers objects and also body parts, let’s say it covers a wide range of options and if you don’t try things you won’t know if you like it. That is why it is important that you try, experiment and get out of your comfort zone.

What are the rarest fetishes?

When we talk about fetishism considered rare or unusual, men who love to touch and lick women’s feet always come to mind. But the truth is that there are worse.

An example of this is renifleurism, which refers to the attraction to the smell of urine. As you can see, it is strange and there are people who suffer from it, because it exists.

Another of the strangest is undoubtedly acrotomophilia, which refers to the attraction to people with amputated limbs and their stumps. It is not usual because it does not fall within the canon of beauty and it can become very strange if you think about it for a moment, but it exists.

There is also somnophilia, a type of paraphilia where sexual arousal is achieved by having sex with a person when they are asleep. In addition, it can range from masturbation to sexual practice itself.

Without forgetting another of the strangest phenomena that is necrophilia. In this type of fetishism, the person is excited to have sex with a corpse. As you can see, there is something for all tastes…

Is it bad to have fetishes?

Of course not. It is completely normal, healthy and natural. It is the order of the day and it is normal for people to have fetishes, even if they don’t say so. Because as we told you, although there are stranger ones, there are also more common ones.

For example, there are those who are excited to see a woman dressed as a sexy nurse or a hotel receptionist. At the end of the day, it is a sexy suit and it marks a woman’s figure a lot. Therefore, this would be considered fetishism.

How to test this experience?

You can try fetishism with whoever you want and whenever you want. It is enough that the other person wants to try it. For example, the escorts of our agency you will see that they offer the fetishism service for men who have desires and want to try different things…

Through this service, the man will be able to make all his sexual fantasies come true, bringing out his fetishes. But of course it will always be something intimate, between the two…

Do you have any doubts about fetishism? Remember that if you have any kind of fetish you can experiment with the agency’s escorts. You’ll love it..