The eroticism of heels and women

Wearing heels is always an infallible weapon of attraction for women in general but especially for our girls in Barcelona. Especially because it makes them feel sexy and increases their self-esteem by feeling desired. This is why this accessory has been described as a fetish. A must not only for luxury escorts but also for men because they adore them.

There is no better feeling than attending an event with an impressive luxury girl in Barcelona. A beautiful model, with impressive measurements that she wears for the occasion and that wears accessories for every occasion, such as in this case a pair of Louboutin heels with which she will seduce you into the room. Are you starting to imagine it?

They are one of the key pieces and accessories in fashion and in the erotic imagination, since their relationship with femininity and its thousands of expressions often lead us directly to think of pleasant moments. It is also an accessory that captivates millions of people and increasingly recruits more followers who try this accessory with their BDSM practices. We have escorts in Barcelona willing to show you their darker side, either being your mistress or your submissive. Do not forget to take a look at our gallery of companions in Barcelona to choose your playmate for tonight.

According to various studies, high heels not only lift a woman’s buttocks but also make her appear taller and more attractive, which improves her sex life.

And it is that high-heeled shoes appeared in history 3500 years BC. in Egypt. Back then they were related to the upper class, and purity. Not only did women use them, but they were used by butchers to avoid stepping on the blood of sacrificed animals. In Greece they were worn by the actors as an easy way to distinguish the social class and importance of the characters. While in Rome the subject acquires another connotation: prostitutes were those who wore high-heeled shoes.

Many say they were invented by King Louis XIV who wore them to hide his short stature. However, in the Middle Ages the chopines appeared, precursor high shoes of the Jimmy Choos and the Louboutin, styles invented in Turkey that quickly reached Venice, where they reached up to 80 centimeters in height.

But without a doubt the ones that carry the most eroticism, the number one, are the high-heeled boots because they are usually associated with the image of the dominant and punishing woman, not in vain they are references of sadomasochism and cowboy style.

Although they are called uncomfortable or impractical, heels are synonymous with beauty and aesthetics, according to men and women there are few things more erotic than heels. And if they coincide in something, it is in how inevitable the messages of the body are when they are being used.

This type of shoes is a fundamental part of the seduction game and our call girls in Barcelona always seek to bring out their sexy and sophisticated expression. So they always choose the heels that best suit each occasion, since they want to feel admired and desired.

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