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Enjoy the best sex positions.

Next we are going to tell you the best positions in sex so that the date with any of our girls becomes the best date of your life.

Normally when we talk about sexual postures, the first thing that comes to mind is the word Kamasutra. Since the postures are of great importance in sexual relations, and the determination of all games and erotic positions is to increase sexual pleasure and complicity. Therefore, we can find various proposals; Both for the most conservative and for the most daring.

Postures: Always of great importance in relationships to increase pleasure and complicity.

The Amazon:

In this case, the companion gets on top and begins to “ride” on you. Each leg does not need to be on one side, it can be sitting or astride; Although you can also keep both legs on the same side. The posture will provide intense pleasure between the two because it will facilitate almost total penetration. In addition, it is possible to practice it in reverse, the woman does not have to look at the man, she can turn her back on him and how about observing how she carries the rhythm.

Clitoral missionary:

This is the classic missionary, but 2.0 with clitoral stimulation. The companion lies on her back, and you would be on top. As you penetrate her, she can stimulate the clitoris and control the rate of penetration with her hip movement. This posture never fails.

The horizontal wheelbarrow:

In this capacity you have to work a little more, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very comfortable! The companion must be lying face down on the bed, while the legs and the elevations at the level of your hips, while the penetrations from behind. And even, from this position you can use your hands to meet other female mountains or slap him. A taste of the consumer and pending the wishes of the girl. Who always has to agree on everything. Do not forget!

Mold / Teaspoon:

Both of you will be lying on the bed, the buttocks of the companion lean against the man’s belly, while the soft penetration with the free hands to indulge in caresses.

From Skyline Escorts we hope you like these poses and decide to put them into practice soon with our beautiful call girls. Continue reading our blog and follow us on social networks to stay up to date with all the news. We will wait for you!