Tantric sex is a millennial practice that comes from an ancient esoteric and eastern doctrine; It is characterized by worshiping the pleasures of life with the sole objective of reaching spiritual fulfillment. Ultimately it is the combination of love and meditation through sex.

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One of the most notable benefits of this technique is that of advancing spiritually and unlocking the fears and bonds of the mind. In other words, living sexuality without pressure, without fear or prejudice …


It is one of the keys to this practice and its purpose is to provide a unique experience that will make you enjoy 100% of sex.

It consists of exercising the pubococcygeal musculature, for this the main thing is to locate said area, then air is breathed in to fill the lungs, retain breathing, contract that muscle group and then release air and relax. You have to repeat it several times to tone the area. While masturbation can be exercised and before ejaculation, it stops and thus, the excitement is reduced a little, the stimulation is continued again until reaching the point of no return. With this, it is possible to avoid ejaculating so quickly. In the last phase, the penis is stimulated and when the point of ejaculation is reached, the breath is held, the muscles are tightened and although it continues to stimulate, it will have an orgasm but it will not ejaculate.


A fundamental aspect to practice this technique is breathing, synchronizing it with the other person in order to prolong the connection that is created. For this it will be essential that you sit in front of your charming luxury companion and stare at her, then start caressing, without neglecting breathing.
The objective is not to disconnect but to increase arousal, but in a slow and sensual way, in this way you can enjoy pleasure throughout the body, you can even have other types of orgasms.

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