Blonde escorts or brunette girls? This is the classic that we have been discussing for years. Numerous studies show that more than 80% of the population has dark hair, which is why blonde escorts are rarer and therefore highly coveted. The appeal of blonde locks is that they are simply less common and are therefore often sought after as a precious gem. Blondes tend to stand out naturally from the crowd because their brightly colored hair catches the eye and men love the feeling of carrying a lush blonde arm in arm, all eyes in the room are on them and other men envy it. Blondes are often known for being fun and outgoing, the saying that blondes have more fun suggests that lighter-haired women will be the life and soul of the party. Blonde call girls are lively, confident, sexy and cute and therefore it is no surprise that they are adored by men.

The blonde escorts undoubtedly attract more attention…

Since the 1960s, blonde girls have been considered the most sensual and outgoing women; But times change; And if before they preferred them blondes, more and more they declined for the escorts with dark hair.

But brunettes are considered the best lovers…

Brunette girls have a reputation for being intellectual and this is as exciting as beauty and a toned physique. Educated men intellectually covet a woman who is on her level and this is just one reason why men find brunettes instantly attractive to the eye. For some, dark hair is synonymous with elegance, class, and sexuality that is more subtle. The beauty of a brunette is often not as visible as that of the blonde, but there is something about the dark features that drive a man crazy. Lastly, there is something exotic about brunettes that men find incredibly sexy as men are often attracted to their unique and different looks.

Online dating websites are the main ones in charge of conducting surveys to their users; Those who do not hesitate to answer without hair on the tongue. And is that 58% of users believe that brunettes and chestnuts are better lovers, compared to 42% of users who stay with blondes and redheads.

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